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Music Arrangement
« on: May 09, 2018, 11:15:09 AM »
In this topic will talk mainly about EDM SONG STRUCTURE and its elements. However, we can find this elements in the other genres  as well.

RHYTHM  - basic rhythms are  2/4 ,3/4, 4/4

TEMPO  - it's measured in BPM ( beats per minute ), usually it used a tempo in between  120 and 140 bpm. There are variations depends of the genre!

a) Most of EDM tracks are build with 4 main elements:

- INTRO ( leads into the BREAKDOWN, give time to DJ to mix from a track to another)
- BREAKDOWN ( usually here we take out the drums and we prepare the listener for build up)
- BUILD UP ( here is where we create the energy for the drop using uplifters, snare rolls, pitched synths, special effects etc.)
- DROP ( the main sector of any edm track )

b) One of the most common arrangement is ABABCB:

- A - the verse
- B - the chorus or the drop 
- C - the Bridge, it is different than the other two, here we can find different chords and harmonies which usually leads back to A or B.